Stop Smoking

By | March 30, 2016

What is an e cig? Simply put, an e cig is a device that can help you quit smoking. The reason that you may want to try an e cig is because you have tried to quit but every time you give it the old college try, you fail. After a few failures of trying to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, you decide to go to plan “B”.


However, plan “B” may have its issues also. The WHO of Health, The World Health Organization, has stated that there may be a problem switching to e cigs. Dating back to July 2013, this watchdog of people’s health has warned the general public that there is no scientific proof that using an e cig to help ease the smoking cessation is effective.

So, cold turkey doesn’t work, Plan “B” has its doubts, what is left? What is left is Nicorette’s Gum or the Nicorette Patch. These two methods combined have proven successful for many ex-smokers. After all, what have you got to lose?

The bottom line is that if you smoke, do whatever you can to stop. Even if you need plans a-z, you need to stop smoking as soon as possible.