Ecig Reviews

Reviews Of E Cigarettes

When it comes to rating e cigarettes, the results can be as mixed as any personal preference product can be, but some brands do stand out.

V2 seems to have it all with their easy functioning website, making it super easy to order. Their accessories and customer service are second to none and the easy draw of their brand is popular with their following, while the throat hit is powerful enough, but not so much that the smoothness is affected.

South Beach is another popular brand that seems to have an excellent starter kit, and several popular flavorings. Their packaging and cigarette feel are very real, and the experience with South Beach is very satisfying to users.

Green Smoke is a brand that smokers claim to resemble real cigarettes the most as far as tobacco taste and smoke. It has a smooth draw and an inviting look. The only drawback is that is doesn’t sell refill cartridges, which cuts the cost a lot.

Bull Smoke is one of the most affordable brands, and it is a no nonsense brand that gives you what you pay for. It has the least expensive starter kit of them all.

As you can see, there are many choices, and if you try several, you can settle on your favorites.